Writing (Almost) Everywhere in August

By Kristina

A reader recently asked, “Where do you write your novels?” One answer is, “Wherever I happen to be.” On these perfect Central Oregon summer days, that’s often outside, in my garden. 

Right now it’s definitely not at my desk, where all the space not occupied by my cat, Nanuq, is filled with sketches I’m working on for my new novel, NOWEVER, due out this October. I try to be as calm as the kitty is. It’s not always easy. Switching to brushes and paint –– from words to images –– means stretching parts of my brain that rest while I write. The goal is always the same, though, creating a story as beautiful and complex as life.


Meanwhile, my 2017 book, From Here to Argentina: A Tango Love Story, is available at Dudley’s and at Roundabout Books, our two wonderfully welcoming independent bookstores here in Bend, as well as Powell’s online, and those other internet sources too big to bother mentioning by name.