August in Bend, Oregon, is a time to be outdoors, in the mountains, on the rivers, in the garden, celebrating with gratitude our place in the natural world, our gifts of sunshine and clean air. That’s what I’m doing, and I hope you are, too. My classes and individual sessions will resume in September. Learn […]

When you learn Qigong (“chee-gong”) the practice can give you super powers for a lifetime, and you can learn it in one day.  Super Powers? Isn’t that what it takes to stay calm and grounded in our chaotic world? As you deepen your qigong practice you’ll surprise yourself and others with your ability to listen and respond with […]

Each December here near the mountains I brace myself against the coming chill and darkness, then it comes, and look!  Winter is so beautiful, its quiet so profound, I nestle into it and wonder how I can ever bear to go on again to bright, expectant spring.  The December Solstice is my favorite holiday in the […]