Sweeter Life

By Kristina

Anna w:friend on Bainbridge IslandYou have the power to change your feelings for the better, even when circumstances remain the same. It can seem like magic, but it’s not –– it’s the practical use of abilities and senses you may not realize  you have. You don’t have to invent them or “believe” in them, just allow them into your awareness with focus and intention, and there they are.

Life is sweeter when you’re in control of your moods rather than at their mercy. This isn’t a theory of mine, it’s my reality, and I delight in sharing it with you, because the more happy and calm people there are in the world, the better off we all are.

I invite you to a two-hour Introduction to Qigong (“Chee-kung”) and Personal Energy Work class on Sunday, May 4th, 1-3pm, at my Westside Bend studio, where we’ll practice ways for you to open your heart, clear your own energy field, access your energetic center, and deepen intuition. You’ll leave with a new awareness of dimensions of yourself, feeling happier, more relaxed, and knowing ways to maintain or regain that feeling whenever you want. ($20/person) Call me at 541.390.9652 or email for registration and directions.