and Soul Painting

Kristina Bak

You may not yet realize that you can create your own visionary art, Heart & Soul Painting. When you dare to try, you can find wonderful surprises. As you put paint on paper, you open your heart’s eyes to messages from your soul, usually hidden from your ordinary consciousness. You may notice your hands choosing and applying colors without waiting to consult with the authority figure in your mind. Whatever you do is perfect, bringing to light information you need at that moment.

Because creation is a sacred act, having a dedicated witness to your creative process deepens the dialog with your soul. I love being your witness, holding the sacred space, affirming your power, reflecting back to you your discoveries, and providing technical help with unfamiliar materials. As we launch into Heart & Soul Painting, you’ll find that it’s fun, too, and good to share with your partner or a small group of friends. At the end of your painting session you can discuss your creations, or not, frame them or tear them up, or anything in between. The magic is in the doing and seeing. When you call me (541.390.9652) to ask about Heart & Soul Painting, we’ll talk more about how it works.

90 minute session:  110   (materials included)