Kristina Bak

When you begin Qigong as a daily practice for your wellbeing, sooner or later you’ll fall in love with it. I wonder, are you going to notice how vibrant your body feels or how tranquil you feel in your mind first? As you continue your practice, you’ll find you feel better in every way.

Chinese Essence Qigong is one of many forms (movements of mind, body, and breath) of this ancient discipline. Because it requires no special equipment or clothing, you can do it anywhere –– your garden, on a mountaintop, in your kitchen or in your hotel room if you’re on the road. You can do it in a class, with a group, or not. Once you learn the form, the time, place, and circumstances are all your choice.

You want to stretch, breathe easily, meditate regularly, and with Chinese Essence Qigong you do all that at once in just over half an hour a day. You may not know if you want to learn Chinese Essence Qigong right now. If you begin it now, think how much better and happier you’ll feel at this time next year! I’ve been doing Chinese Essence Qigong daily for more than a decade, and I’m still in love with it. I’ll tell you why when you call to ask how you can learn it, too. 541.390.9652

Qigong masters Chen, FuYin and Chen, Hui Xian say, “Qigong restores health, prevents disease, cultivates intelligence and potentials, prolongs life, quickens spiritual growth and helps others…More than 60 million people worldwide practice Qigong…Qigong will make your life easier and happier.”

Qigong in many forms has grown popular in Europe, Great Britain, Australasia, and North America since teachers and masters emerged in the 1970s from China. There it has been studied and practiced for more than a thousand years.

Qi (pronounced chee) refers to universal life force or energy. The Qi in our bodies manifests as bioelectricity, making our bodies a living electromagnetic field affected by everything around us, including our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Gong refers to a special skill or study requiring focused attention, time and patience. Essence Qigong coordinates relaxed body with concentrated mind, promoting deep and smooth circulation of Qi and balancing yin and yang energies.

Learn Chinese Essence Qigong in one all-day small group training retreat.  100

Practice CD by Chen, Hui Xian  10               Review and group practice   20             Please call or email for schedule