Spiritual Exploration

Kristina Bak

When you feel spiritually peaceful, you can learn to meet life’s challenges with lower stress, and you’re more likely to enjoy rejuvenating sleep that’s so essential to your health and vitality. As you shape your experiences with your thoughts and attitudes, these arise from a deeper state of consciousness where you live in spiritual peace or unease.  Because you wonder how much more relaxed you can be, you’re ready to explore that level of consciousness now. I’ve been an explorer in this realm for a long time, and I help you find your own way, using hypnosis, energy clearing, or other other means to light your path.

Because you feel called, you can walk through the door your inner voice invites you to, bringing delight back into your life. You may not have noticed, that door has been there all along, waiting for this invitation. When you call me at 541.390.9652 we can talk about the possible directions our sessions together may take.

90 minute session: 110