Reality of Impossible Things

By Kristina

Today I celebrate the Festival of Archangel Uriel who visited me, an angel skeptic who had never heard Uriel’s name, nearly two decades ago. I had no interest in, nor any familiarity with, archangels in any form then, much less the twenty-foot-tall winged being made of intense blue light who “spoke” to me clearly, without sound. Uriel has never appeared to me again, yet never left me, either. Uriel gives me courage to add my small voice today to the chorus demanding that we hold and nurture hope in these times of horror.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In such times we can choose to let in the light. When we’re told peace is impossible, we must hold on to the Reality of Impossible Things. When we suffer so many causes to mourn, we must allow moments of beauty and joy as never before.

Not one of the famous archangels, there’s nothing easy about Uriel. Uriel demands we accept the challenge to act toward one another as though we see the angelic light in each person we meet, and within ourselves, even when fear threatens to dim it.

With gratitude to the Archangel Uriel, and wishing you all angelic blessings,