Qigong Super Powers in 2013

By Kristina

When you learn Qigong (“chee-gong”) the practice can give you super powers for a lifetime, and you can learn it in one day.  Super Powers? Isn’t that what it takes to stay calm and grounded in our chaotic world? As you deepen your qigong practice you’ll surprise yourself and others with your ability to listen and respond with an open heart, to act with patience, to be kind, even to yourself, and to maintain vitality, flexibility, and balance.

New in 2013, you can learn Chinese Essence Qigong in a one day small group intensive retreat at my studio on Bend’s Westside, the fourth Saturday of every month beginning January 26th.  (You can choose monthly group practice sessions, too.)  You’ll learn this  beautiful form’s slow movements, easy breathing, and meditative focus, and take away a practice guide CD to use at home.  If you’ve already learned Essence Qigong from me, you can participate at a reduced rate to refresh and renew your knowledge.

Visit my website’s Qigong page to learn more about Chinese Essence Qigong, and when you’re ready, contact me for more information and group registration at 541.390.9652 or Kristina@kristinabak.com.  I look forward to talking with you, and I wish you peace and good health in 2013.