Qigong and An Easier Life

By Kristina

 Everyone says you should meditate, stretch your body, breathe easily, feel centered and peaceful inside, but where do you start?  Perhaps your back hurts, or your neck feels stiff and shoulders painful after a long work day. I suggest you try Qigong (“chee-kung”). This gentle moving meditation based on traditions over a thousand years old offers profound relaxation, supports the natural flow of your energy, makes you more tranquil, flexible and balanced.

Half an hour a day will change your life. If you begin to learn and practice Qigong today, think how much happier and better you’ll feel this time next year!

I fell in love with Chinese Essence Qigong more than a decade ago, and doing it six days a week since then, somewhere around 3,500 times, I’ve never been bored with it. The practice is like an oasis where I can go every day, all alone, to calm and quiet my busy mind and lower my experience of stress. This is practical. Lowering stress improves my efficiency, creativity, physical and mental health, and relationships with others. Like many other Qigong practitioners, I haven’t been sick since I began, though that is never something to take for granted – Qigong supports good nutrition, sound sleep, and other healthy life habits, it doesn’t replace them.

Life can be hard, I can help you make it easier for yourself. I can’t imagine getting through my days without my Chinese Essence Qigong practice. My motivation for teaching it to others is that the more happy, healthy people there are in my community, the easier life is for all of us. You can find more about learning Qigong on my Services page, or you can call 541.390.9652 or email me for information and to register for my next small group Chinese Essence Qigong class, Saturday, June 22nd, at my Westside Bend studio.