This winter after my mother died was long and bleak, though in “reality” no longer or bleaker than others. I’m returning from that darkness with my first note of 2016 and one last story about my mother. She left me a gift I dreaded and saw at first as a curse: ninety years worth of […]

A hike along the Deschutes between Dillon and Benham Falls in golden October left my husband and me giddy with our good fortune in having made our home here. It’s harder to maintain that level of delight in these chilly and abruptly short days. I was feeling the letdown one gray afternoon, running necessary errands […]

Nearly half a century ago I learned this crucial design principle: All emphasis is No Emphasis. If you paint an object bright red to stand out, don’t set it against a bright red wall. The same applies in our lives, for high functioning we need down time in proportion to the energy burned in active mental/physical accomplishment. Certainly contemplation is as important […]

Your body and brain make love to each other when you dare to create –– excited neurons firing like crazy passion when you dance, sing, write, act, sculpt, paint, express your own vision, however strange or transgressive it may seem. Of course you can! I heard you out there Oh, but I can’t. Who told you that? […]

Our Essence Qigong Saturday in January was a great success, combining intensive training with fun and relaxation.  Some student comments: “I love this practice.” “Thanks for offering this beautiful practice! Your teaching style is wonderful.”  “This should keep us flexible.”   “Fun for our mind and spirit.” I wonder what it would be like for […]