“In dark times be the light.” I don’t know who I’m quoting, so many wise people have said this. As we pass through these dark times, let’s put the emphasis on the verb. Everything passes. We have choices in how we ride it out. My immigrant grandmother Anna was a great inspiration to me in my understanding […]

A hike along the Deschutes between Dillon and Benham Falls in golden October left my husband and me giddy with our good fortune in having made our home here. It’s harder to maintain that level of delight in these chilly and abruptly short days. I was feeling the letdown one gray afternoon, running necessary errands […]

Our local treasure, poet Judy Montgomery, brought the book Visions of Angels to my June Qigong workshop. The book’s transcendent photos reawakened my memory of the day Archangel Uriel appeared to me. I’d never heard of “him,” and didn’t believe in archangels. Uriel showed up as a 20-foot tall glowing blue-white figure with magnificent wings, no belief required. […]

  Looking out through the heart’s eye is like seeing through polarized sunglasses — the emotional glare is cut. Vision filtered through anger or fear, envy or resentment, distorts and highlights the flaws in everyone and everything. The heart’s vision does the opposite. We feel the difference when someone looks at us through their heart’s […]

My mother in the nursing home gropes for disappearing words, trying to construct her vision in the empty air with her twisted hands, bewildered that she can’t show it to us there. “I’m afraid,” she finally says. “I don’t know why, but I’m afraid.” I see her cheekbones almost cutting through her shrinking skin where […]

 Everyone says you should meditate, stretch your body, breathe easily, feel centered and peaceful inside, but where do you start?  Perhaps your back hurts, or your neck feels stiff and shoulders painful after a long work day. I suggest you try Qigong (“chee-kung”). This gentle moving meditation based on traditions over a thousand years old offers […]