My mother was astonished when I told her on her birthday she was 90 years old. “No! When did that happen?” I don’t think she believed me. The fact almost instantly disappeared from her awareness into that vast territory Things That Don’t Matter Anymore. Her life has left much accumulation, but little history, and what […]

Nearly half a century ago I learned this crucial design principle: All emphasis is No Emphasis. If you paint an object bright red to stand out, don’t set it against a bright red wall. The same applies in our lives, for high functioning we need down time in proportion to the energy burned in active mental/physical accomplishment. Certainly contemplation is as important […]

 Everyone says you should meditate, stretch your body, breathe easily, feel centered and peaceful inside, but where do you start?  Perhaps your back hurts, or your neck feels stiff and shoulders painful after a long work day. I suggest you try Qigong (“chee-kung”). This gentle moving meditation based on traditions over a thousand years old offers […]

This warm day I’m treasuring quiet – occasional bird song through an open window, my studio fountain evoking a small mountain spring, now and then a breeze stirring a wind chime, that’s all.  I’ve lived enough years in cities to appreciate the rarity and privilege in this.  Soon I’ll climb the sixteen steps to my […]

Our Essence Qigong Saturday in January was a great success, combining intensive training with fun and relaxation.  Some student comments: “I love this practice.” “Thanks for offering this beautiful practice! Your teaching style is wonderful.”  “This should keep us flexible.”   “Fun for our mind and spirit.” I wonder what it would be like for […]

When you learn Qigong (“chee-gong”) the practice can give you super powers for a lifetime, and you can learn it in one day.  Super Powers? Isn’t that what it takes to stay calm and grounded in our chaotic world? As you deepen your qigong practice you’ll surprise yourself and others with your ability to listen and respond with […]