“In dark times be the light.” I don’t know who I’m quoting, so many wise people have said this. As we pass through these dark times, let’s put the emphasis on the verb. Everything passes. We have choices in how we ride it out. My immigrant grandmother Anna was a great inspiration to me in my understanding […]

This spring my friend and Chinese Essence Qigong student, Sandra Kunz, accepted an invitation to visit China with the esteemed qigong master, Huixian Chen, the beautiful woman you see in this photo. Sandra brought me the photo as a gift when she returned, and I was immediately struck by the way Chen’s energy projects from […]

Memory is the story you tell yourself. It’s selecting one position in time and space, one arrangement of vibrating atoms to represent what “you” (that mysterious observing consciousness) identify as you, then clustering multiple selections together and endowing the pattern with meaning. Of course, one thing that means is that your history isn’t fixed–different selection, […]

When you learn Qigong you’ll feel your abundant life energy expand into dimensions you may not yet sense. I recently spoke about Qigong in Bend’s Old Stone Church and led the audience in some introductory exercises. In response, one man commented that the energy he experienced during the exercise “felt like standing in a waterfall […]

A hike along the Deschutes between Dillon and Benham Falls in golden October left my husband and me giddy with our good fortune in having made our home here. It’s harder to maintain that level of delight in these chilly and abruptly short days. I was feeling the letdown one gray afternoon, running necessary errands […]