My mother was astonished when I told her on her birthday she was 90 years old. “No! When did that happen?” I don’t think she believed me. The fact almost instantly disappeared from her awareness into that vast territory Things That Don’t Matter Anymore. Her life has left much accumulation, but little history, and what […]

What do you have in common with a crocodile? Fact-checking a novel I’m writing, I ran across this photo I took on a trek in Australia’s tropical Northern Territory, where I came face-to-face with a twelve foot saltwater croc. Happily, these crocodiles eat only about once a week and otherwise live a pretty calm life digesting. […]

People often ask me if I treat chronic pain. My answer is, I treat individuals experiencing chronic pain. Research indicates that among people with identical physical injuries or conditions, the pain sensation varies widely, from excruciating to non-existent. Pain happens in the virtual body created and understood by our brain, while we reflect it physically. That’s […]

 Everyone says you should meditate, stretch your body, breathe easily, feel centered and peaceful inside, but where do you start?  Perhaps your back hurts, or your neck feels stiff and shoulders painful after a long work day. I suggest you try Qigong (“chee-kung”). This gentle moving meditation based on traditions over a thousand years old offers […]

This warm day I’m treasuring quiet – occasional bird song through an open window, my studio fountain evoking a small mountain spring, now and then a breeze stirring a wind chime, that’s all.  I’ve lived enough years in cities to appreciate the rarity and privilege in this.  Soon I’ll climb the sixteen steps to my […]

Ancient truths become new again, pleasure is good medicine.  Beauty helps us heal, qigong meditation lowers stress, singing and dancing with others reduces anxiety and depression, good olive oil is beneficial in our diets…just a few theories scientists have recently announced they’ve tested and found true.  I want to hug them all for their wide-eyed […]