Memory is the story you tell yourself. It’s selecting one position in time and space, one arrangement of vibrating atoms to represent what “you” (that mysterious observing consciousness) identify as you, then clustering multiple selections together and endowing the pattern with meaning. Of course, one thing that means is that your history isn’t fixed–different selection, […]

When you learn Qigong you’ll feel your abundant life energy expand into dimensions you may not yet sense. I recently spoke about Qigong in Bend’s Old Stone Church and led the audience in some introductory exercises. In response, one man commented that the energy he experienced during the exercise “felt like standing in a waterfall […]

Nearly half a century ago I learned this crucial design principle: All emphasis is No Emphasis. If you paint an object bright red to stand out, don’t set it against a bright red wall. The same applies in our lives, for high functioning we need down time in proportion to the energy burned in active mental/physical accomplishment. Certainly contemplation is as important […]

Our local treasure, poet Judy Montgomery, brought the book Visions of Angels to my June Qigong workshop. The book’s transcendent photos reawakened my memory of the day Archangel Uriel appeared to me. I’d never heard of “him,” and didn’t believe in archangels. Uriel showed up as a 20-foot tall glowing blue-white figure with magnificent wings, no belief required. […]

  Looking out through the heart’s eye is like seeing through polarized sunglasses — the emotional glare is cut. Vision filtered through anger or fear, envy or resentment, distorts and highlights the flaws in everyone and everything. The heart’s vision does the opposite. We feel the difference when someone looks at us through their heart’s […]