“This doesn’t feel like my country anymore,” a friend told me over brunch in a Manhattan vegan restaurant, while a young man with a shiny lip ring and no eyebrows above his lettuce-green eyes sweetly served our black bean enchiladas with cashew cheese. I understood what she meant. Heartbreak and denial were my first responses to […]

Memory is the story you tell yourself. It’s selecting one position in time and space, one arrangement of vibrating atoms to represent what “you” (that mysterious observing consciousness) identify as you, then clustering multiple selections together and endowing the pattern with meaning. Of course, one thing that means is that your history isn’t fixed–different selection, […]

When you learn Qigong you’ll feel your abundant life energy expand into dimensions you may not yet sense. I recently spoke about Qigong in Bend’s Old Stone Church and led the audience in some introductory exercises. In response, one man commented that the energy he experienced during the exercise “felt like standing in a waterfall […]

Your body and brain make love to each other when you dare to create –– excited neurons firing like crazy passion when you dance, sing, write, act, sculpt, paint, express your own vision, however strange or transgressive it may seem. Of course you can! I heard you out there Oh, but I can’t. Who told you that? […]

This warm day I’m treasuring quiet – occasional bird song through an open window, my studio fountain evoking a small mountain spring, now and then a breeze stirring a wind chime, that’s all.  I’ve lived enough years in cities to appreciate the rarity and privilege in this.  Soon I’ll climb the sixteen steps to my […]

Ancient truths become new again, pleasure is good medicine.  Beauty helps us heal, qigong meditation lowers stress, singing and dancing with others reduces anxiety and depression, good olive oil is beneficial in our diets…just a few theories scientists have recently announced they’ve tested and found true.  I want to hug them all for their wide-eyed […]

These late winter days, turning to the quiet inside, you may come face-to-face with unexpected sadness, sadness for present pain, past loss, betrayal, disappointment, and most of all, lost dreams.  Sadness is an honorable emotion, worth exploring on its own, but I promise you, dreams are never lost, only waiting to be rediscovered and transformed […]