My friend, Krayna Castelbaum, and I both write. I produce novels with hundreds of pages, Krayna, poems, sometimes only a few words, all the more precious for the books she makes to share them. With her own creative alchemy, Krayna transforms tea bags––yes, tea bags––into magical embodied poems, words inseparable from the substance of their pages. Holding one […]

August in Bend, Oregon, is a time to be outdoors, in the mountains, on the rivers, in the garden, celebrating with gratitude our place in the natural world, our gifts of sunshine and clean air. That’s what I’m doing, and I hope you are, too. My classes and individual sessions will resume in September. Learn […]

This warm day I’m treasuring quiet – occasional bird song through an open window, my studio fountain evoking a small mountain spring, now and then a breeze stirring a wind chime, that’s all.  I’ve lived enough years in cities to appreciate the rarity and privilege in this.  Soon I’ll climb the sixteen steps to my […]

These late winter days, turning to the quiet inside, you may come face-to-face with unexpected sadness, sadness for present pain, past loss, betrayal, disappointment, and most of all, lost dreams.  Sadness is an honorable emotion, worth exploring on its own, but I promise you, dreams are never lost, only waiting to be rediscovered and transformed […]