Be the Light

By Kristina

“In dark times be the light.” I don’t know who I’m quoting, so many wise people have said this. As we pass through these dark times, let’s put the emphasis on the verb. Everything passes. We have choices in how we ride it out. My immigrant grandmother Anna was a great inspiration to me in my understanding that, at the risk of repeating myself, again, every moment is a choose-your-own-attitude opportunity. The events of this long winter have left many of us wanting to cover our heads and hide beneath the blankets. History has shown us where that leads.

My immigrant grandparents, Anna and Joseph

My immigrant grandparents, Anna and Joseph

Here are some suggestions to brighten your light:

If you need attitudinal inspiration, watch Groundhog Day again –– again. Spend time with friends and family in person, without a digital screen between you. (This suggestion courtesy of my friend Jana Zvibleman.) Besides being kind to yourself and others, besides supporting your community (however you define community), expand your vision. Visit other countries and talk to people there to learn their way of being.

I’m planning a long-postponed trip to Canada (no, not moving there, just visiting) to reacquaint myself with nearby cross-border neighbors who have a surprisingly different perspective of the world, and much to teach us. Pick your border, north or south, and explore.

Further away, Professor Huixiang Chen and Dr. Pingping Li are leading another enlightening qigong immersion China tour this April. A number of you visited my studio last year when Sandra Kunz shared her experiences on the 2016 trip. You’ll learn more about the opportunity, and qigong, at

Let’s embrace excitement and action, not fear, in 2017. Let’s all be the light in whatever way we choose.