Kristina Bak

Because you want more delight and harmony in your life, you can begin right now by exploring my Services pages. If you’d like to know more about me first, you can read some of my story here.

I was blessed to grow up on my grandparents’ ranch on the edge of the Yakama Indian reservation, immersed in nature’s rhythms, life cycles from conception to death, and the language of animals. Coyote song echoed beneath the stars, the air was clean and clear, and I roamed free over the hills on horseback from early childhood. That joy in freedom to explore led me to live in Italy, Australia, New Mexico; Portland, Oregon, and Bellingham, Seattle and Bainbridge Island, Washington. I studied at Reed College, the University of New Mexico, and Western Washington where I earned an undergraduate degree in fine art and art history. I have advanced degrees in architecture from the University of Washington, and in counseling psychology from Antioch University, Seattle, and received a Fulbright grant to study in Rome.

Today I make my home in Bend, a small town on Oregon’s High Desert at the foot of the Cascade Range, with my husband and our white cat, Nanuq. Arriving in Bend in 1993, I worked in public rural mental health, in hospice, and as a private counselor. In the week after 9/11, 2001, I returned to Australia where I met a master energy healer and studied Reiki and AcuEnergetics for the next several years. I began studying Qigong at the same time, and continued when I returned to the US in 2004. I’m certified as a teacher in Chinese Essence Qigong and Pan Gu Shen Gong. I’m also certified as a Master Hypnotist. My work revolves around you with this matrix of knowledge, insight, intuition, and angelic guidance. When you visit my Services page, you’ll see what gifts this holds for you.