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Whether you’re searching for energy healing, hypnotherapy, qigong lessons, or angel gifts, if you’re here in Bend, Oregon, or visiting from halfway around the world, I hope we’ll get to know each other better on your path toward a richer, easier, and more beautiful life. You may not know yet if you’ll love what you find as you settle in for a leisurely tour –– sooner or later you’ll notice something that speaks directly to you. I wonder, will you be moved by a painting or the written word first? When you follow that intuition, you’ll go deeper with creative ideas and insights you haven’t noticed before. Don’t follow them too quickly –– you’ll find it’s even better to take time to enjoy each step in your soul’s evolution. As you make yourself at home in my gallery, on my blog, and on my other pages, you’ll feel more relaxed the longer you stay. Would you like to talk with me before or after you do that?


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